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If you’re ever locked out of your apartment or home don’t be afraid to give Universal Locksmith Service El Monte a call right away! We can get you inside your home or bedroom within 20 minutes of your initial call. If you have any questions about new locks or changing certain security systems give us a call as well! We can send out a locksmith and assess your home setting and choose a security system right for you! We can diagnose which locks and what kind would work the best for your specific home giving you a security system tailor made for your home or apartment!

For Residential Locksmith Services in El Monte, CA

Our locksmiths have decades of experience in the security field and only work with the upmost high quality products the security market has to offer. If you need a certain lock or all locks rekeyed we can supply that demand as well! If you’re locked out chances are you lost your house key, in this case we can make you a new one! Straight from the lock we can make a brand new key that would act just as your old one did. However sometimes it is better to rekey these locks because losing your key could pose a possible threat; someone could find it and try and get inside your apartment or home, rekeying eliminates this threat. We give you a brand new key never used before, and the lock only accepts this new key, not the old keys. So in the case someone finds your old lost key, they cannot use it against you. So if you are locked out of any home, apartment or bedroom give us call! If you need any rekeying to any lock in the home or apartment, Universal Locksmith Service El Monte can do the job 24/7 365 days a year!